and I believe in the

art of elegant code.

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Nice to Meet You!

I like to think that my brain doesn't have a dominant side - that, instead, both halves operate on an equal basis. In order to get the most from being driven by feelings and logic, I decided several years ago to flourish in both web design and web development. Embracing the two has provided me with more challenges and a higher capacity - and desire - to keep learning more.

Elegant Code

There is a balance to be achieved when dealing with both functionality and design, a balance that remains my focus. Clean, seamless code by itself doesn't always matter for users - they want something attractive to look at while they interact with our clean, seamless code. The opposite is also true: having the best design doesn't mean much if its pieces don't function together on a logical level. This belief has led me to always keep both aspects in the forefront of my mind when faced with a new challenge.



My favorite language is PHP, and I love writing CSS for fun!

Current Endeavors:

  • ASP.Net
  • MVC
  • SASS
  • Zend exam prep