I'm Momo and I'm a convergence of logic and creativity.

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Full-Stack Web Development

My journey down the road of web development began before I was a teenager by teaching myself HTML. Since then, I have evolved into a multifaceted, many-talented woman with a sense of curiosity that knows no end. I love to learn and put my knowledge to use. This has driven me to become passionate about PHP/MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, and HTML.

I like to think that my brain doesn't have a dominant side - that, instead, both halves operate on an equal basis. Because of this, I decided several years ago to flourish in both web design and web development, which has provided me with more challenges and a desire to keep learning more.

IT & Network Engineering

My adoration of technology doesn't stop at programming; I enjoy IT in general, and have more than ten years of troubleshooting experience, with a variety of hardware, software, and operating systems. I am a huge fan of Linux (Debian is my favorite) and the Open Source Initiative.

Another more specfic IT passion of mine is network infrastructure and security. Technology is powerful, and so often anymore do many people abuse this power. I take pride in ensuring that the information I and others choose to store on the technology we rely so much on is safe, secure, and properly managed.




  • Network+ (2014)
  • Security+ (2014)
  • Project+ (2014)


  • Web Design Specialist (2014)
  • JavaScript Specialist (2014)
  • v.5 Database Design Specialist (2014)
  • Perl Specialist
  • Web Development Professional


  • OCA JSE7 (2014)


BS in IT - Software

Western Governors University, 2014

AS in Computer Information Technology

Clover Park Technical College, 2013

AS in Computer Network Engineering

Pierce College, 2011

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